Policy of the journal

Being the leader in the educational and scientific sphere in the field of physics and applied problems in the Central Asian region, Al-Farabi the Kazakh National University is interested in establishing contacts and organizing cooperation with researchers from all over the world for strengthening and further development in these areas. Therefore, it is important that our potential partners know in which areas we can serve as an example and in which areas we could acquire knowledge from their experience. For the organization of such a platform, the exchange of publications is important. This is the main purpose of the journal.
To provide a variety of useful and reliable information on topics relevant to the Central Asia and world scientific community (in the field of physics and relevant technology) in a visual form. To promote the competent formulation and solution of not only scientific, but also practical tasks within the scope of the subject area. Actively interact with the scientific community of the leading universities in Central Asia. To establish cooperation and attract leading foreign scientists to publications, including through the work of members of the International Publishing Council of the journal. To provide an information platform for dialogue and knowledge sharing between leading scientists and practitioners. To promote the development of international cooperation of the al-Farabi kazakh national university with the world's scientific, research and consulting centers. Inform the international scientific and professional community about the scientific achievements of the employees of the al-Farabi kazakh national university.
Duties of Authors

Kazakh, central asia and foreign scientists, post-graduates and doctoral students as well as professional specialists and engineers looking for scientific and professional information. 
The journal is available online for public access.