Analyzing power of Inverse Diproton Photodisintegration at Intermediate Energies


  • B. Baimurzinova Laboratory of Nuclear Problems, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, RU-141980 Dubna



Diproton, analyzing power, hard bremsstrahlung


The reaction γ + {pp}s p + p, where diproton {pp}s is a proton pair in 1S0 state, is a spin-isospin partner of the fundamental reaction of deuteron photodisintegration. The inverse reaction, the hard bremsstrahlung p + p γ + {pp}s, has been observed with the ANKE spectometer at COSY-Jülich. In addition to differential cross section measured earlier, in this work it's analyzing power has been measured at forward angles at several energies in the region of Δ(1232) isobar exictation. 


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