Physical Sciences and Technology is a refereed journal that publishes experimental and theoretical investigations in Physics and Physical Technology.

ISSN: 2409-6121


Publication Ethics
┬źPhysical Sciences and Technology┬╗ editorial board adheres to the international standards
for the ethics of scientific publications, developed by Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE),
as well as recognizes valuable expertise of authoritative international journals.
In order to ensure high quality of scientific publications, to avoid malpractice (such as
publishing of false information, falsification of data, plagiarism, etc.) and ensure public
recognition of scientific advances, the editorial board and individuals involved in the publication
process are obliged to respect and comply with the ethical values and standards of the
international community, as well as take all reasonable measures to prevent the above-mentioned
violations. The editorial board in no way encourages unlawful conduct (plagiarism, manipulation,
falsification) and will not tolerate such behavior. In the event that the editorial board learns of
any misconduct or violation of the ethics concerning articles, published in the journal, editorial
stuff must follow the recommendations of COPE (or its equivalent).