Silicon nanocrystals: physical properties and potential biomedical applications

  • V. Yu. Timoshenko


Silicon (Si) nanocrystals (NCs) possess photoluminescence at room temperature and promising propertiesfor biomedical applications as bioimaging and various therapeutic modalities. The photodynamic therapyapplication is based on an ability of Si-NCs to sensitize the generation of reactive oxygen species underillumination. The sonodynamic therapy with Si-NCs can be realized due to their properties to activate thecavitation followed by destruction of cancer cells and tumors. Furthermore, Si-NCs in aqueous mediaunder electromagnetic radiofrequency irradiation can activate the heat release that is promising for thehyperthermia treatment of cancer. This paper reviews the physical properties of Si NCs, which areessential for their applications both in medical diagnostics and therapy. In the paper the properties of Si-NCs and nanoparticles (NPs) are analyzed to reveal their potential for biomedical applications. Besidesthe data on physical properties of Si-NCs and NPs the results of biomedical investigations of thesenanomaterials are also discussed.
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