Plasma expansions in terms of self-similar solutions

  • M. Murakami


Simple analytical models are presented for hydrodynamic expansion of laser-produced plasma governedby the nonlinear heat conduction. To neatly describe the fluid systems, we put forward new self-similarsolutions, which are very useful to completely reveal the essential behavior of the underlying physics.The targets are assumed to have a limited mass. The physical picture significantly contrasts with thatwell described by the orthodox self-similar solution for a semi-infinite planar rarefaction wave. The ionenergy spectrum obtained by the model reproduces well experimental results obtained under differentgeometrical conditions. It is strictly shown that the hydrodynamic system of an accelerating foil admitsa new self-similar solution describing the nonstationary ablation process, through which the payloadmass decreases to burn out at the end. The system is appropriately solved as a novel eigenvalue problemsuch that the acceleration and the heat conductivity are restrictive with each other under the self-similarevolution.
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Plasma Physics and Related Technology