Growth rates of space-charge waves in a Lorentzian plasma waveguide

  • Myoung-Jae Lee
  • Young-Dae Jung


The non-thermal effects on the growth rate of the space charge wave are investigated in a Lorentzian dustyplasma-filled waveguide by employing the normal mode analysis and the method of separation of variables.The growth rate and the real frequency of the space charge wave are obtained as functions of the harmonicroots of the Bessel function and the spectral index of the Lorentzian plasma. It is shown that the non-thermaleffect suppresses the real frequency of the space-charge wave. In addition, the scaled growth rate decreaseswith an increase of the spectral index. Hence, we have found that the growth rates in non-thermal plasmas arealways smaller than those in thermal plasmas. It was shown that the influence of non-thermal character plays acrucial role on the space-charge wave due to the coupling interaction of the streaming ions with non-thermalelectrons in a Lorentzian dusty plasma waveguide. These results would provide useful information on the nonthermaleffects on the space-charge wave in non-Maxwellian multi-component plasma waveguides.
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LEE, Myoung-Jae; JUNG, Young-Dae. Growth rates of space-charge waves in a Lorentzian plasma waveguide. Physical Sciences and Technology, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 1, p. 4-8, june 2018. ISSN 2409-6121. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 04 feb. 2023. doi:
Plasma Physics and Related Technology