Etching characteristics of diamond-like carbon in fluorocarbon plasmas

  • K. Takahashi
  • R. Takahashi


Diamond-like carbon (DLC) is one of the promising materials with biocompatibility. Applications formedical coating, biochip, and so on, have been widely expected in this decade. Fabrication process ofbiochips such as etching and removing requires patterning of the DLC to give surface of the chips functionsfor medical diagnostics. The present study reports etching characteristics of the DLC in fluorocarbonplasmas, comparing with those of Si and SiO2. In the plasmas, F radical was found to be an etchant for theDLC, the same as etching of Si and SiO2. The O radical is well known to be so reactive on the DLC. TheO2-addition to the plasmas was obviously effective in the DLC etching, and making balance of the radicalsof F and O, resulting in changing etch rate of the DLC and morphology of surface. The etch rate could becontrolled in changing gas flow rate of CF4 to O2 with Ar dilution. The morphology, which is indispensableto determine the characteristics on the surface of the biochip and so on, showed that fluorine-contentplasmas suppressed roughness compared with pure-O2 plasmas.
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TAKAHASHI, K.; TAKAHASHI, R.. Etching characteristics of diamond-like carbon in fluorocarbon plasmas. Physical Sciences and Technology, [S.l.], v. 5, n. 2, p. 4-9, jan. 2019. ISSN 2409-6121. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 26 june 2019. doi:
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology