Modification of nanostarch by citric acid


The negative impact of waste on the environment is growing with the declining oil reserves. Therefore, theattention to usage of green products and the green economy has grown worldwide. One manifestation ofthis is the growing demand for biomaterials. Starch is a biopolymer with large reserves of raw materialsand chemical modification of its structure allows to obtain new materials. In this paper, we present theresults of the experimental investigations on modifying of nanostarch with citric acid. Alcohol precipitationmethod was used for synthesis of nanostarch. The dispersion of the obtained nanostarch was studied by UVspectroscopy. The chemical structure of the modified nanostarch film was studied by FTIR spectroscopy.According to the results of FTIR, it was found that a new ester bonds are formed. Surface morphology wasstudied by scanning electron microscope and it was found that 0.1 g of film is completely soluble in waterin 360 seconds according to the kinetics of water solubility.
Key words: nanostarch film, citric acid, FTIR, natural polymer.
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